Mold remediation and mold removal are absolutely critical upon identification. If left untreated, your family’s health could deteriorate and your property will lose dramatic value. Do not ignore this problem! Certain types of mold can cause serious health problems if allowed to spread unchecked.

Our certified professionals will ease your mind with a removal process that is safe and effective in all areas of the home including:

-Crawl Spaces
-Basement Mold
-Attic Mold
-Exterior Mold

We’re happy to help you get through the entire mold removal process. We realize that you want to solve your mold problem quickly and achieve the peace of mind knowing that your busines is a safe place to work or your home is a safe place to live once again. Not only will we handle the mold remediation process efficiently, but we’ll ensure that the safety and usability of your property is restored. 

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Pro Kleen has the knowledge, equipment and experience to help restore your home and contents after a flood. We have all had to deal with minor flooding and water damage – caused by a faulty appliance, a sewer backup, or overflowing fixtures – but water damage can also be caused by flooding from nearby water bodies or flash flooding.

If ignored, waterlogged spaces will cause problems over and above the damage caused by the initial ingress. This can include:

-Mold growth

-Deterioration of flooring (carpet, hardwood)

-Excess humidity throughout the structure

-Long-term contamination (from sewage backup, chemicals & sewage in floodwater, etc.)

-Rotting of building materials

Pro Kleen provides a full range of services to help you restore and recover both your home and its possessions. We employ a wide variety of tools and processes in our work, including truck-mounted extractors, dehumidifiers, fans and thermal drying trailers which pump hot, dry air into a space while extracting moisture.

Pro Kleen also strives to minimize the amount of demolition needed for drying whenever possible, including methods such as cutting small holes to allow air to flow behind drywall to dry it, which takes less time than removing, replacing and painting large areas of drywall. Our teams use moisture meters and standard drying procedures to ensure that the drying process is done correctly.

It has always been our goal to do the work right, while completing it as quickly as possible, and we are able to be on-site in as little as an hour from the time we receive your call. 

The DEA and EPA Meth Lab Regulations require law enforcement agencies to cleanup after a meth lab has been discovered. This cleanup consists of the removal of all precursors and associated chemicals and supplies. (This is not a remediation, and does not make the property safe for re-occupancy). All one pots, shake and bakes, HCL gas generators, and associated chemicals must be properly removed, deactivated, neutralized, and disposed of.

Statistics show that as many as 1 in 10 homes are contaminated with meth by either users or makers of meth. Meth is inexpensive and easy to make. The mere smoking of meth in your property will contaminate the property and may lead to symptoms of use such as runny nose, sore throat, skin rashes, and even cancer.

Pro Kleen has decontaminated and met post testing clearance in over 40 homes in Montana with some post testing results coming back with zero detection of meth residue! Please visit for more information on Montana's rules and regulations or call our offices for more details. 

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Pro Kleen works hard to restore your home after a Fire. Fire and smoke damage can extend far further than the eye can see. It not only burns the structure and the contents of the space, but smoke and particulate can travel through the walls and into other rooms in ways that are not readily visible. Add to this the water or chemicals that firefighters use to extinguish the blaze, and the result can be a mess. If not addressed quickly, the results of the fire can:

- Create a health hazard due to particulate in the air, which can cause lung damage (among other issues)

- Cause structural issues that, while not immediately visible, can be significant

- Leave a lingering smoke smell for years after the initial fire due to an invisible film that clings to the structural components (especially protein-based fires)

Because of the potential hazards, it is vital that our team arrive on site to begin the restoration process as soon as possible. We utilize a number of leading-edge technologies for the restoration process, which include:

-Air cleaners such as ozone and hydroxyl machines, which break down hydrogen molecules which then disintegrate particulates
-Specialty coatings that encapsulate particulates and prevent spreading
-Specialty deodorization
-Air scrubbers
-Truck-mounted extractors
-Dehumidifiers/thermal drying